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8 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas! DIY Halloween Costumes and Makeup

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Daniel Schwieger
Veröffentlicht auf 27 May 2020 / Im Unterhaltung

It’s getting spooky out there, isn’t it? Let’s keep up the Halloween spree! Turn yourself into a deer trophy or learn to make a braided beard! Discover how to give your friends some nightmares by adding some low battery or no wifi logos on your costume! Stay tuned for even funnier DIY Halloween costume ideas and makeup hacks!

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00:04 Bra Bros
01:06 Tetris Pals
01:51 Low Battery Horror
02:44 DIY Beard
04:21 Trophy Deer Costume
07:14 Bubble Gum Girl
08:27 Paclady
10:00 Poster Lady

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